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The Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team (JHOST)  seeks to develop life skills through sailing. This means that when people sail with us they not only learn the details of how to make a fast boat go fast, they also learn about teamwork, leadership and STEM! We have had a few sails in La Paz, Mexico and San Diego, California since Bill’s Fun Run 2019. JH crew members practiced their spinnaker handling and also dove with whale sharks! JHOST  competed in the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race in March. We take crew who are experts and we take crew who are novices. Everyone learns something; including how to use technology, the power of the ocean ecosystem, and how to compete. We plan to continue our land based training, and hope to slip in some lake sailing and ocean race practices towards the end of 2020 and in 2021.  JH people love the water and they are natural sailors, and in our program we make sure that everyone gets a chance to sail; even those who ordinarily would never have the opportunity.  Please donate to JHOST so that we can continue our work by following the instructions below. Also, we hope Covid goes away soon!!!

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Yellowtail Dinner for JHOST — FOOTAGE

On this rainy day in Jackson Hole we are dreaming of bright days on the open ocean on Hokahey, the Santa Cruz 52!

While racing or doing practice sails, our crew often catches our dinner using Hokahey’s fishing gear. The Pacific Ocean has a vast array of beautiful, lively, unique species of fish that we love to learn about. To be sustainable, we only catch what we will use, and nothing more. Respect and love the ocean and she will respect and love you! We hope 😉

We also provision for vegan and vegetarian diets, so those who choose not to partake in fishing can still feel at home and healthy on the boat.

We can’t wait until we are back out on the ocean, the place we love best.

For amazing footage of a Yellowtail Tuna, CLICK HERE.


Beautiful Sailing Footage From the Puerto Vallarta Race!

One of our seaworthy crew members took some great footage of the sailing vessel Hokahey, the Santa Cruz 52, on the Puerto Vallarta Race. Follow the link below to see the beautiful deep blue Pacific Ocean, and the graceful sailboat in the sun and the wind. Sail fast and stay safe, mateys!

Sailing Footage Here!


Donate now! Let’s Get Those Whippersnappers to Sea!

Mateys! Now is the time! Old Bill will match ALL donations made between August 1st – September 13th. Generous old pirate!
Please donate to support our mission of providing individuals from all backgrounds the experience of ocean sailing.
We teach individuals life skills on the sea: Sailing, knot tying, navigating, engineering, safety in the elements, planning, preparing, teamwork, leadership, marine biology, and respecting the power of the ocean.
Donate now so that we can continue our sliding scale policy and bring individuals to the great oceans.


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Questions? Email the captain:

“To young (wo)men contemplating a voyage I would say go” – Joshua Slocum


Ahoy! Hokahey is registered for the Puerto Vallarta Race- Mar2020

IMG_5673Sailing is a great life skill that helps people develop leadership, teamwork and STEM skills. Racing is a fun way to test those skills. And racing to Mexico is a goal for many because of the marine life, warm water, and wind that consistently blows you in the right direction. And so, the Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team has entered the March 2020 San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race. A premier race that attracts sailors from all over the world. We were thinking about entering the race to Cabo but they only run it in odd years! And PV is more fun anyway….

You are invited to join the crew. It starts with training. I would like you to complete three training sessions between now and March 2020. You will learn more about sailing, the boat, your role and what it will take to excel. Assuming that everything works out, you will be offered a spot on the crew.

The first training session is June 1 – 7 in La Paz. That is where JHOST keeps the boat Hokahey. Hokahey is a sleek, fast, top class race boat that is very fun. Each session requires a $1,000 donation. ($700 if you are under 21 and if you are from a challenged background, talk to the captain about our sliding scale). Your contribution gets you food, drink, and lodging on the boat for the week that we are there.

We hope you come aboard matey! If you have questions, talk to the captain:

Donate to Support Beginner Sailors

Ahoy mateys. Follow the link to donate now, and give individuals of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity learn to sail and learn about the ways of the ocean. We accept ALL sailors of any level. You are all seaworthy as far as we’re concerned. Follow the link below!

We are a registered 501(c)(3) and your donations counts as a tax write off. We appreciate your support.…/donatenow/tabid/464/default.aspx


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Ahoy mates! NOW is the time to donate to Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team because your contribution will be partially matched by Old Bill’s!

Over the past 12 months, JHOST has had a summer lake sailing program for kids, entered ocean sailboat races, and cruised the boat down to La Paz Mexico to study sea life unique to the region. JHOST brings sailors of all levels on adventures where they learn about leadership, Science, Technology, and how to make the boat go fast while leaving a minimal carbon footprint on the planet.Most importantly, JHOST has a sliding scale policy so individuals from ALL backgrounds can have access to these experiences.

PLEASE follow the link below, click on Old Bill’s, specify Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team, and your contribution will be partially matched by Old Bill’s.
We are a registered 501(c)(3) and your gift counts as a tax write-off.…/donatenow/tabid/464/default.aspx

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Crew Needed! Thanksgiving 2018 and January 2019

Ahoy there! We have two sails coming up and are looking for crew:
1) Thanksgiving 2018 Sail
2) January 2019 Sail

Both sails will be in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. Details coming soon!

Reminder that we are a non-profit organization with a sliding scale policy, so YOU can log off your screen and come learn the ways of the sea. Visit to learn more!

Sails in 2018 and 2019