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Tis the time of the year to get those whippersnappers to sea! In other words, make a donation and Old Bill will make one too!

The Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team (JHOST)  seeks to develop life skills through sailing. This means that when people sail with us they not only learn the details of how to make a fast boat go fast, they also learn about teamwork, leadership and STEM! We have had a few sails in La Paz, Mexico and San Diego, California since Bill’s Fun Run 2019. JH crew members practiced their spinnaker handling and also dove with whale sharks! JHOST  competed in the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race in March. We take crew who are experts and we take crew who are novices. Everyone learns something; including how to use technology, the power of the ocean ecosystem, and how to compete. We plan to continue our land based training, and hope to slip in some lake sailing and ocean race practices towards the end of 2020 and in 2021.  JH people love the water and they are natural sailors, and in our program we make sure that everyone gets a chance to sail; even those who ordinarily would never have the opportunity.  Please donate to JHOST so that we can continue our work by following the instructions below. Also, we hope Covid goes away soon!!!

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We thank you for your kind donation, matey. ALL young scallywags should have the opportunity to sail the open ocean!