Donate now! Let’s Get Those Whippersnappers to Sea!

Mateys! Now is the time! Old Bill will match ALL donations made between August 1st – September 13th. Generous old pirate!
Please donate to support our mission of providing individuals from all backgrounds the experience of ocean sailing.
We teach individuals life skills on the sea: Sailing, knot tying, navigating, engineering, safety in the elements, planning, preparing, teamwork, leadership, marine biology, and respecting the power of the ocean.
Donate now so that we can continue our sliding scale policy and bring individuals to the great oceans.


  1. Follow this link:
  2. Click “Donate Now”
  3. Search “sailing”
  4. On “Jackon Hole Ocean Sailing Team” select “Add to cart”
  5. Add the amount you’d like to give our 501(c)3 program

We thank ye matey!

Questions? Email the captain:

“To young (wo)men contemplating a voyage I would say go” – Joshua Slocum