Mateys! The Sea of Cortez Calls To You


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Mateys! Your presence has been requested in the Sea of Cortez! The captain be lookin’ fer crew fer the old sailing vessel Hokahey. All sailing levels are welcome aboard for this trip of a lifetime, where we will learn life skills, study biology, and find adventure.

In March we be castin’ off the lines where Hokahey be birthed in La Paz, and you’ll be mannin’ the sails as she cruises through the famous waters that renown marine biologist Jacque Cousteau dubbed “the World’s Aquarium.” Prepare yerselves for gray whales moving through the water alongside us, sea turtles lifting their heads to sip the soft air, sailfish making clean breaches in the distance, sea lions playing tug-o-war with kelp, and as always, dolphins, keeping sharks at bay and surfing our bow wake. Prepare yerselves to see uninhabited islands sitting in water that is brimming with life!

Crew members:
All levels welcome, including first-time sailors. Crew members aboard Hokahey will learn to sail, navigate, plan voyages, and identify and study the marine biology we encounter in the Sea of Cortez. The Sea of Cortez is nicknamed “The World’s” Aquarium” and will not disappoint. It is a prime location to study grey whales, giant game fish such as marlin and dorado, sea lions, sea turtles, whale sharks, and hundreds of other types of marine species. At times even orcas make an appearance in this body of water!

Mexico- La Paz, cruising in the Sea of Cortez, and anchoring in her coves and off of her islands.

Arrival- March 25, 2018
Departure- April 1, 2018

Fly into Cabo San Lucas and take a shuttle to La Paz OR fly directly into La Paz and take a car to where Hokahey is birthed.

You get yourself to and from Hokahey in La Paz, and also donate $333 to the Jackson Hole Sailing Team to support youth voyages so even the landlocked can learn the ways of sailing, navigating, and the ocean’s mysterious temperaments.
If you are dealing with economic challenges, let us know- We have a sliding scale!

Further questions mateys? Email the captain:

See you all in the Sea of Cortez, ye landlubbers! The ocean be callin’ ya!

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