JHOST Sailing Program

catalina-race-feb2015Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team’s Sailing Program utilizes sailing as an educational platform. Challenging our sailors through cooperative work within a team dynamic establishes a strong basis for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers. Unified team work within the ocean sailing team provides an opportunity to apply classroom learning to a hands-on work environment.

Our program areas include; Dry Land Training, Lake Sailing, Offshore Ocean Racing & Cruising, and of course none of this would be possible without our great Volunteers.

Dry Land Training

Before we ever set foot on a boat, we begin preparing for the experience ahead. Dry land training exercises range from viewing movies on various sailing topics to hands-on problem-solving exercises. Topics covered include STEM curriculum as well as leadership, team-building, and group strategizing and problem-solving.

The JHOST curriculum goes beyond the basic mechanics of sailing to cover the social aspects of both life aboard a racing vessel and successful participation in a very condensed team environment. Successful sailors are successful team players, and knowing when to lead, when to follow, and how to decisively support the success of the team under stressful circumstances are a core skill for both sailing and life itself.

The STEM Curriculum: Many young sailors will proceed into careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and many aspects of sailing require knowledge in these fields. JHOST training (both dry land and on-water) includes hands-on applications of how topics from sail trimming to safe anchorage (and everything on the boat and the water it sails on) relate to STEM topics.

Lake Sailing

Our Lake Program is where our sailors get their first on-water experience, build skills and experience, and develop a love of sailing and the water!

Here the junior sailors will apply their ground training to hands-on sailing, first in a small boat fleet to develop basic boat handling and safety skills, and progressing to sailing on keel boats to learn crew positions following US Sailing’s Junior Big Boat Program. The summer program events will provide:

  • Junior training program
  • Day-sailing and cruising opportunities for our sailors, their parents, and JHOST supporters
  • Sunday afternoon JHOST-sponsored races (open to the entire Jackson area sailing community)

Our fleet of boats for this program currently includes boats that are owned and operated by JHOST supporters who have kindly donated sailing time in support of our program.

We are currently seeking additional sailboats to join our lake program, if you can volunteer time on your boat for our young sailors or wish to donate to our program we want to hear from you.

Offshore Ocean Racing & Cruising

JHOST Racing is focused on offshore ocean racing & cruising and will include training events, coached racing practice events & 1-3 day near-shore racing; qualification events, multiple day offshore events and races, to gain offshore experience; and ultimately ISAF Category 1 and 2 offshore races, such as Newport Harbor to Cabo, Coastal Cup, and the TransPac. This program is designed to build upon the sailors’ training and lake experiences, their training will extend to more advanced topics (such as weather, navigation, Safety at Sea Seminars) while continually improving the sailing and teamwork skills needed to compete at each level.

JHOST Sailing and Racing philosophy is based on core principals that incorporate those of US Sailing and the JHOST youth program: Safety, teamwork, learning and growth, sportsmanship, and lessen environmental impact.   We will strive to do as well as we can; this is not a win-at-all costs program. We will have fun, work hard in a learning environment, and push the boat and ourselves to perform as well as we can!

About Hokahey              

Hokahey is a Santa Cruz 52 optimized for ocean racing. It is 53 feet long, has a 9 foot draft, and has a tall carbon mast. Hokahey displaces only 19,000lbs which means ultra light displacement capable of fast speeds. The Santa Cruz boats are great anywhere but were designed for super fast runs to Hawaii. The boat interior is comfortable and convenient with 2 heads, plenty of sleeping berths and a complete galley.


Our volunteer program is paramount to making this all happen JHOST relies on the volunteers of the Jackson-area community to deliver on our programming and extend opportunities to introduce sailing to area youth.

Volunteers participate in all areas the JHOST Sailing Program.

  • Ground training: Experienced sailors, racers and mentors
  • Lake program: hands-on sailing, cruises and events to train sailors and promote JHOST
  • Ocean sailing
  • Fund raising

There are opportunities for all levels of sailors to support our youth programs, expand their sailing skills and experiences, train and support our Offshore Racers, and also for non-sailors who want to learn how to sail and support Jackson Hole area youth.

For more information on any of our programs contact us at: captaingeorgebailey@gmail.com