Yellowtail Dinner for JHOST — FOOTAGE

On this rainy day in Jackson Hole we are dreaming of bright days on the open ocean on Hokahey, the Santa Cruz 52!

While racing or doing practice sails, our crew often catches our dinner using Hokahey’s fishing gear. The Pacific Ocean has a vast array of beautiful, lively, unique species of fish that we love to learn about. To be sustainable, we only catch what we will use, and nothing more. Respect and love the ocean and she will respect and love you! We hope šŸ˜‰

We also provision for vegan and vegetarian diets, so those who choose not to partake in fishing can still feel at home and healthy on the boat.

We can’t wait until we are back out on the ocean, the place we love best.

For amazing footage of a Yellowtail Tuna, CLICK HERE.